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I'm an experienced mobile & traveling bartender for hire for any and all events, such as but not limited to, weddings, holiday parties, celebrations, bridal showers, fundraisers, happy hour, baby showers etc. The PR is my public relation side in which I have great, honorable & resourceful contacts I can connect you with. I also can personally create....customized cocktail menus, signature drinks, color coordinated beverages and/or themed based, private in house staff training, articulate alcohol descriptions and more.

"Brittany is an OUTSTANDING bartender. She definitely knows how to get the party started, keep it going, and even make it end happily with a smooth nightcap. Her quick and friendly service, as well as her entertainment and humor while simply opening your beer or making your cocktail makes every drink you down and the possible hangover you might have the next day, WORTH IT! I’ve attended several weddings where Brittany has been the bartender, but so far my favorite was September 2016 in Fredericksburg, Va at a local barn venue. Brittany killed it behind the bar! There were so many people to serve but she never made the wait in line seem longer than one minute. She works quick, and makes you laugh, so choosing her as your bartender would be the best thing you’ll pick out for you wedding!"

"On October 10, 2015, Brittany was the bartender for my wedding at The Fauquier Fair Grounds in Warrenton, Va. She was very informative from the very beginning. She helped me pick out what I should serve and how much, which can be an overwhelming task. She was friendly, was punctual and she did a great job! I have and will continue to recommend her to all of my friends and family." 

"Brittany makes the show cheers come to life. She will remember your name and give you a hug when you walk to the bar she is professional and knowledgeable and handles each interaction like it was the VIP of the event. Unlike most bartenders these days who seem like they hate the profession they are you can tell Brittany lives to bartend she loves the trade and enjoys seeing people smile and enjoy themselves.  I would recommend Brittany for any event or party hands down." 

Brittany has a very bubbly personality.  She is quick on her feet, knows how to handle and delight a crowd and she goes over and above for her customers. I would recommend her for anything or to anyone hands down!!


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